Our Services

CDC Group's clients includes hundreds of private and public sector entities, foundations including manufacturing industries, banking and financial and educational institutions, corporations, non-profit organizations, national international development agencies as well as local and national government authorities, and have provided it’s services from policy analysis to design and implementation of several research/studies; monitoring and evaluation/need assessment activities including good practice documentation; and conceptualize, design, and develop, piloting and testing, and production of IEC/BCC/ advocacy / training and AV materials (TV and radio PSAs/video documentary), digital media services, etc. 


  • Research/evidence based
  • Feedbacks from stakeholders
  • Tested among audience/users
  • Team experience in developing high quality messages/materials
  • Tongue-friendly motivating messages having call for action
  • Synergistic messages in print, A/V and social media
  • Strong monitoring and follow-up mechanism