The Communication Development Collaborative (CDC) Group Pte. Ltd. was established in1993 with its energetic and creative human resources teamed up with wider network of professionals to help and improve clients' bottom line through targeted Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategies and innovative creative services.

At CDC Group, we don't believe in pigeon-hole, "can't-be-done" or weary, old definitions that no longer define. In short: we believe in the possibilities. We are a solid organization; a culture of customer delight; we are a learning organization drive for accountability, respects for others, drives for results, building team and integrity. And it is true, because our guiding principle and tag line is "true partnership and integrity is at the heart of everything we do...!"

It is registered with the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industry, and office of the Company Registrar (Registration No. 908/050/51), Department of Cottage and Small Scale Industries (Registration No. 221/45), and with the Ministry of Finance, Inland Revenue Department (VAT Registration No. 300140284).


The main purpose of CDC Group is to sell something - a product, a service or an idea… Big ideas! That is simple, smart, strategic, and reflect the true personality of clients brand/service. And ideas that are so powerful, people can't help but remember them and feel…connected. Our real objective is effective communication between goods/commodities or services and clients/customers:

  • To make an immediate sale;
  • To build primary demand;
  • To introduce a price deal;
  • To build brand recognition or brand insistence;
  • To help salesman/service providers by building an awareness of product/service among retailers/service outlets;
  • To create a reputation for products/services, reliability through research & development strength; and
  • To increase market share.


  • CDC Group is a solutions-driven full service Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) agency with a history of success connecting brands/services with consumers/target audiences;
  • Have developed an incredibly effective approach for creating both consumer and social marketing media strategy and campaigns and materials through research and development activities;
  • Have helped over hundreds of national and international organizations improve their bottom line through targeted IMC strategies and innovative creative services;
  • CDC Group's services includes policy analysis to design and implementation of several research/studies including monitoring and evaluation/need assessment activities, documentation of best practices; and
  • Conceptualize/design/develop and production of IEC/BCC/advocacy/training and audio-visual (AV) materials including their piloting/testing; and implementation (Advertisement & promotion through national, regional and local media) for an effective communication campaigning.


  • Creative and dedicated resource for quality outputs
  • Wider network of professionals
  • Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategies
  • Media strategy and campaign
  • Public relations
  • Research and development


  • RESEARCH: We begin by asking questions.
  • IDEAS: We begin developing strategically-oriented and innovative ideas.
  • CREATIVITY: Our creativity traverses from clean and traditional corporate designs, to the modern and edgy.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: We are known as experts in our field and are outstanding at what we do.
  • INTEGRATION: We believe it is important for your marketing efforts to maintain cohesion

CDC Group's Organization Structure

The culture of any company flows from the top-down. So here's a good snapshot of our culture: the CDC leadership team. We're a strategic and carefully constructed balanced of personalities and skill sets. Male and female; Youth and age; Left and right-brain are equally responsible to achieve goals and to maintain the following CDC organizational flagship and/or image.


  • More than 25+ Years of relevant experience
  • Served more than 150+ clients
  • More than 36+ million rupees annual turn-over
  • Experience on Media and Marketing services
  • Materials design, development , production and placements at national/local level (TV/Radio & Print)
  • Social Media (FB/Twitter/YouTube)
  • Blend of Social Marketing & Behavior Change Communication
  • Trusted name in the market
  • Zeal of producing quality materials/services
  • Experience in adopting globally tested standards
  • Strong research back up/team
  • Can gauge “audience pulse” to be fitted into their need